Workman® UTX 4x4

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Made for Work

The best work tools are the ones that blend in so seamlessly into every day needs, they function like an extension of the work crew. Meet the Workman UTX, the first 4x4 built from the ground up specifically for tough work, every day. Whether hauling, towing, plowing or countless other demanding work tasks, the Workman UTX is ready to get to work.





Versatile Performance

The Workman UTX is made to work in multiple environments. It is road ready with standard LED headlights, turn signals, hazards and brake lights, and is built to handle snow and ice like a BOSS™.

Commercial-Grade Tough

With a rock-solid, high-strength steel frame, integrated plow mount, Selectable 4WD with front and Rear differential locks and oversized shocks, bearings and bushings, the Workman UTX is up to any challenge.

Capable Of Doing Any Job

A ton 2,000 lbs. (907kg) of towing, 25% more cargo capacity than competitors and two standard 2” (5cm) receivers (front and rear) gives the Workman UTX the means to tackle any job.

All-Day & All-Season Comfort

2 or 4-passenger models make sure you have the room for you and your crew and a climate controlled cab keeps them comfortable in any conditions.

Precision Control

A proprietary speed control system ensures your crew uses the right speed for the job and that the power used matches the task at hand.



Purpose-built for every condition & season

Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall

Available in both 2 & 4 passenger configurations

Pick the UTX that fits your needs, & bring your crew with you.