Introducing the Toro Evolution - Video Library



The Evolution controller's interface is a system of informatrive yet easy-to-understand screens that are quickly accesible using the controller's shortcut buttons.

Smart Connect® Add-On Devices

Simply plugging the Smart Connect® into the Evolution controller allows it to communicate wirelessly with a number of add-on devices, providing a great opportunity to upgrade with a number of different water-saving and time-saving options.

Wireless ET Sensor

Toro Precision™ Sensor

Handheld Remote

Versatile, Powerful Control

The new Evolution controller has all the features to meet your irrigation needs, now and in the future. Extending the number of stations, writing or optimizing an irrigation program on your PC and uploading to the controller and even controling your outdoor garden lights, are easy with the Evolution controler.

Station Configuration

12-station configuration with (2) 4-station modules or 16-station configuration with (1) 12-station module.

USB or Email Transfer

Programming can be transferred using a USB drive.

Advanced Functions

The Advanced menu gives the experienced user access to the full power of the Evolution controller.



  • 11.25”W x 7.75”H x 4.5”D (286 x 197 x 114 mm)
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs. (2 kg) Electrical Specifications
  • Electrical input power:
  • 220 VAC
  • 30 VA maximum
  • CE compliant
  • Station output power:
  • 24 VAC
  • 0.75 amps per station maximum
  • 0.75 amps pump/master valve
  • 1.0 amps total load
  • Surge Protection:
  • 6.0 KV common mode; 1.0 KV normal mode


  • 4 to 16 stations, Modular
  • 4 Stations Fixed in base unit
  • 4- and 12-station hot-swappable modules
  • One irrigation schedule in the default “standard” mode
  • Up to six schedules in “advanced” mode
  • Three irrigation schedules, four start times per schedule
  • One fixed output auxiliary schedule
  • Two virtual auxiliary schedules for wireless control
  • Three scheduling choices:
  • Seven-day calendar
  • 1 to 30-day interval with up to seven day exclusions
  • Odd/even days with up to seven day exclusions
  • Station run times from one minute to twelve hours
  • Cycle and soak by station


  • Simultaneous operation of up to three zones
  • Monthly season adjust by schedule
  • Programmable “no irrigation” water restrictions
  • Automatic split cycle when season adjust >100% Grow-in schedule settable up to 90 days
  • Station-delay from 1 second to 60 minutes
  • Pump start delay from 1 to 60 seconds
  • Master valve on/off by zone
  • Timed water off from 1 to 14 days
  • Quick select 30, 60, or 90 second manual run times Compatible with normally closed rain sensors
  • Review feature to show planned irrigation
  • Customizable zone and schedule names
  • Automatic short detection for circuit protection
  • Advanced diagnostics and alerts including current draw
  • Operation of two solenoids per station
  • Non-volatile memory does not require battery and holds programming for up to five years
  • Status LED provides rapid indication of alerts
  • 9V battery-powered timing mechanism for “armchair” programming
  • Smart Connect® upgrades controller for wireless smart or handheld remote control
  • Evolution software lets users program on a computer and transfer programming via a USB drive
  • Outdoor key-lock cabinet manufactured out of durable UV-resistant plastic
  • Indoor model includes internal transformer with wall plug pigtail

Optional Accessories; European Wireless Versions (868 mHz)

  • EVO-SC-EU – Smart Connect®
  • PSS-SEN-EU – PrecisionTM Soil Sensor Probe
  • EVO-WS-EU – ET/Weather Sensor
  • EVO-HH-EU – Maintenance Remote


  • Five Years