• Introducing the Reelmaster 5010-H
    gives you the power and performance you want
    with the fuel efficiency and reliability you need.
     20% FUEL SAVINGS*
    Reelmaster® 5010-H
    Delivering Amazing Quality-of-Cut & 20% Fuel Savings*

Find out how Toro Reelmaster 5010-H can save you time, fuel and money.

Introducing the more powerful more efficient more reliable game changing Reelmaster 5010-H

Game Changer

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice mowing power to realise true efficiency and labour savings. Three years of real-world field testing have proven not only that the Reelmaster 5010-H has the power to perform in the most rigorous golf course conditions, but it also saves you significant time and money. In short, the Reelmaster 5010-H is a true “game-changer”.

  • Seamlessly matches power output to actual requirements
  • Conserves fuel
  • Reduces fuel cost & engine noise

  • Lasting energy
  • Maximum durability
  • Automated recharge (no plug in)
  • Sealed, spill proof battery case
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  • Low-drag seals
  • Low-friction bearings
  • 2.4 kW savings

  • No cutting unit hydraulics to maintain
  • Eliminates over 100 potential leak points
  • Service reminders


PowerMatch™ – is patented Toro technology that enables the Reelmaster 5010-H to match the power generated to the power required for the vehicle and cutting units by conditions. PowerMatch utilises a 18.5 kW (24.8 hp) Tier 4 compliant Kubota diesel engine mated with an inline motor generator and a self-charging 48-volt battery pack. The result is plenty of power, but only when needed, which saves on fuel, operating costs, and the carbon footprint.

More Power

When hilly terrain or challenging mowing conditions demand more power, the battery pack takes the load of the cutting units away from the engine, leaving it with more available horsepower for the traction circuit. When even more horsepower is required for verticutting or scalping, the batteries take on the cutting unit load and send the reserve battery power back through the motor generator, which provides over 29.8 kW (40 hp) for the traction system.

Maintenance and Efficiency

Toro’s unique design eliminates all of the cutting unit’s hydraulic components plus all of their maintenance. That equals up to £850 in savings based on suggested retail parts pricing, average labour rate, and suggested service interval. Also, over 100 potential hydraulic leak points were removed from the cutting unit system by switching from hydraulic cutting unit motors to electric cutting unit motors.


MODEL 5010-H
Type Kubota 3-cylinder diesel with 48-volt battery pack system
Power 30+ kW (40+ hp) available @ 3000 rpm
Drive System Hydrostatic with wheel motors
Traction Drive 2WD Standard; CrossTrax™ AWD Optional
Transport Speed 0-10 mph
Mowing Speed 0-8 mph
Mow Speed Limiter Foot Activated Lever
Fuel Tank Capacity 53 litre
Height 160 cm
Length (2WD) 281.9 cm
Transport Width 233.7 cm
Length (2WD) 233.7 cm
Overall Width 288.3 cm
Weight 1,259 kg (2WD), 1,282 kg (AWD)
Total Width-of-Cut 254 cm
Reel Diameter 12.7 cm or 17.8 cm
Number of Blades 8 or 11
Height-of-Cut Range 6 to 19 mm
High Height-of-Cut Limit 50.8 mm
High Height-of-Cut Limit 50.8 mm
WARRANTY: Two year limited. Refer to Operator’s Manual for further details.

*Compared to a conventional 5010 Series Fairway Mower.
†Average savings based on 800 hours of utilisation, Toro recommended maintenance and standard USA labour rate.

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