Groundsmaster ® e3200


Available in 2023! Contact your distributor for more information.

The Next Groundsmaster eVolution.

For 50 years, Toro has been creating innovative world-class out-front rotary mowers that deliver efficient productivity, exceptional reliability, and legendary cut quality. Toro proudly continues this legacy of industry leadership with the all-new lithium-ion battery powered Groundsmaster e3200 out-front rotary mower.

All-Day Power,
All-Day Performance.

The all-new Groundsmaster e3200 can be configured with up to 17 HyperCell™ batteries for all-day runtime* in demanding conditions. Smart controls optimize power consumption by continuously and efficiently providing ample cutting power without bogging down. The reserve power mode allows the operator to set parameters ensuring enough battery power to return to the recharging station. The on-board 3.3kW charger allows for recharging overnight and ready to tackle another day.
*Actual runtime may vary depending on terrain, mowing conditions, and a variety of other factors.

Zero Compromises.

The zero-operating emission e3200 shares the same rugged chassis, commercial-grade mowing deck, and operator controls with our traditional diesel-powered platform.

Powerful HyperCell Batteries.

Toro’s proprietary, patent-pending lithium-ion technology incorporates a smart battery management system for consistent performance and optimized lifecycle, good for the life of the machine, and then some.

Strong, Quiet Type

The Groundsmaster e3200 not only eliminates operating emissions for a cleaner environment, but also engine noise. The e3200 operates significantly quieter for stealthy operation in noise sensitive applications and during early morning operation.