•  Direct grass collection with Smart AirFlow system
     High-volume 810L hopper
     2000mm maximum dump height
     Smart Cool System with Auto Reversing Fan
    ProLine H800
    Direct Collect Mower with High-Lift Collection

Find out how Toro ProLine H800 can save you time, fuel and money.


Less Downtime
  • Toro deck with welded bull nose bumper,
    heavy duty caster forks and long-lasting skid
  • Large 41 liter (10.8 gallon) fuel tank allows
    for a full day of operation
  • High-volume 810 liter (214 gallon) hopper
    with 1,950mm (76.8”) maximum dump height
    for easy clean up of clippings

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Excellent Collection
  • Direct grass collection with Smart AirFlow
    system to maximise collection performance
  • Adjustable full hopper sensor with automatic
    deck shut off to prevent overfilling
  • Automatic deck cleaning wiper in discharge
    area to prevent clogging



ENGINE Yanmar; 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, diesel. Rated Power 18.4kW (24.7hp) @ 3,000rpm, Gross Power 18.4kW (24.7hp) @ 3,000rpm .
High idle: 3210 rpm; Displacement: 1.266 liter. Remote mounted Donaldson air filter.
FUEL CAPACITY 41 liters (10.8 gal) diesel
TRACTION DRIVE Engine-mounted hydrostatic transmission powering four hydraulic wheel motors providing dual-diagonal full-time all-wheel drive.
TIRES Front: 23 x 10.5-12 turf tires. Rear: 18 x 7.5-8 turf tires.
AIR CLEANER Dry, replaceable primary and safety element.
INSTRUMENTATION Indicators: glow indicator, battery discharge, low engine oil pressure, blocked air cleaner, grass collector raised, parking brake on, work light on, headlight on, hazard light on. Gauges: hour meter/service indicator, engine temperature gauge, fuel tank level gauge with low level lamp.
CONTROLS Ignition switch, throttle lever, single foot-operated traction pedal, service brake with parking brake latch, switch for adjusting the height of cut.
GROUND SPEED Transport: 0-15km/h (9.3 mph), continuously variable. Reverse: 0-10km/hr (6.2 mph)
RADIATOR Smart Cool®. Electric with automatic or manual reversing for cleaning.
MAIN FRAME All welded formed-steel frame
BRAKES Service brake: Traction pedal provides dynamic braking through hydrostatic transmission. Parking brake: Foot pedal actuates drum brakes on front wheels. Foot operated lock retains pedal in actuated position.
STEERING Rear axle with hydraulic steering. Adjustable tilt steering wheel with 22/3 turns lock to lock.
ELECTRICAL 55A/with P terminal alternator. Battery: 55B24
INTERLOCKS Prevents engine from starting unless traction pedal is in neutral and deck is disengaged. If operator leaves seat with deck engaged, engine stops. If operator leaves the seat with the unit out of neutral, engine stops. Engine stops if parking brake is engaged and traction pedal not in neutral.
SEAT Low profile mechanical suspension, retractable seat belt
LIGHTS Work and road lights standard
HYDRAULICS/COOLING 9.5 liter (2.5 gallon) capacity, fan-cooled oil cooler, high pressure cartridge filter
PTO CLUTCH Belt-driven, Ogura electromagnetic clutch, with magnetic blade brake, powering drive shaft to gearbox on deck. Deck shuts off automatically when grass collector is full.
ROLLOVER PROTECTION 2-post standard foldable ROPS, meets ISO 21299
FUEL ECONOMY 3.9 liters/h (1 gph)
CERTIFICATION Certified to meet the CE Machinery Directive. Certified to meet Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU, Physical Agents Directive (Vibration) 2002/44/EC, Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC, and Battery Directive 2000/66/EC. Meets emissions regulations EU Stage IIIA. Reg. Compliance Mark (RCM) AS NZS CISPR 12:2009
WARRANTY Two year limited. Refer to Operator’s Manual for further details.
WIDTH OF CUT 126cm (49.6”)
HEIGHT OF CUT 20-110mm (0.8-4.3”), Infinitely variable, hydraulically-adjusted, remotely controlled from operator’s station
DECK CONSTRUCTION Formed and welded deck with front bull-nose bumper.
DISCHARGE Direct grass collection
SPINDLE ASSEMBLY 25mm diameter spindles mounted in two greaseable bearings.
CUTTER DRIVE PTO driven gearbox with spiral bevel gears, “B” section belt drive to all spindles
BLADES Front: heat-treated steel; Counter-rotating: Two heat-treated blade segments per spindle, bolted to integral fan disc
BLADE TIP SPEED 80.7 m/s (15,900 ft/min) +/- 2% at 3,210 engine RPM
DECK SUSPENSION Two caster wheels in front, lift arm links in rear
CASTOR WHEELS Two, smooth, semi-pneumatic 9.00x3.50-4
BELT IDLER Adjustable, spring-loaded idler
DECK SKID Two caster wheels in front, lift arm links in rear
DECK ANTI-SCALP ROLLERS Front nose roller and two rear side rollers
DECK COVERS Molded plastic with 1/4 turn fasteners and retention bolt
CERTIFICATION European standard per ISO EN 5395, CE approved.
MOWING RATE Mow up to 12,000 m2/hr (3 acres/hr)
VOLUME 810 liter (214 gallons)
GRASS DISTRIBUTOR Automatic electric-powered grass distributor for level filling
FULL COLLECTOR SENSOR Adjustable sensor detects when collector is full and disengages deck
ENGINEERED VENT Air vent system is engineered to retain and pack clippings with minimal dust or debris discharge
CONTROLS Separate hydraulic lift and hydraulic tip to dump. Rear door opens automatically when tipping
HEIGHT ROPS up 2070mm (81.5”); ROPS down 1660mm (65.4”)
OVERALL LENGTH 2910mm (114.6”)
OVERALL WIDTH 1430mm (56.3”)
MAXIMUM DUMP HEIGHT 1950mm (76.8”) with 300mm overhang
WHEELBASE 1190mm (46.9”)
EST. SHIPPING WEIGHT With Cutting Deck 980kg (2160 lb), without Cutting Deck 810kg (1786 lb)