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A Grade Above. From the Leader in Infield Maintenance.

Create ballfields that players and fans love with Toro’s Field Pro™ 6040.


Pre and post season infield renovation just got a whole lot easier. The Field Pro 6040 has a complete set of tools to get ball diamonds ready for the next season. Remove buildup and fill in low spots with the MultiTool Box Grader, made from high strength, durable steel and mounted on a rigid frame for reliable, consistent surface creation. Restore clean edge lines easily with the Field Edger, a hefty 21” (53 cm) diameter tool that blasts through the thickest turf encroachment. Loosen up tough compaction areas with the scarifying solid tines that can be easily set to a prescribed depth and angle right from the operator’s position.


In-season maintenance, the key to safe, play-ready conditions on ball fields, is streamlined with the Field Pro 6040. Use the integrated Spring Tine Toolbar to efficiently yet lightly loosen compacted high wear areas. The rear drag can smooth out any ruts or uneven areas caused from extensive play or weather events. The Field Pro 6040's outstanding maneuverability and intuitive controls make quick work of returning fields back to play-ready conditions between games.


Bring a pro-level playing surface to any ball diamond with the Field Pro’s laser grading kit. Designed for precisely grading to a 1/8” (3 cm) accuracy, the laser receiver continually actuates the box blade to desired settings ensuring extremely consistent, smooth surface with proper slope profile for drainage and play. Combined with the rigid frame and commercial strength hydraulics, the laser leveling system enables any operator to achieve repeatable, all-star grading regardless of starting conditions.