• The passion that unites teams and fans
    is the same passion that brings together turf professionals and Toro
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A True Passion for Sports Fields

As the world’s only company offering a complete system of turf maintenance solutions from innovative products to water saving irrigation systems, Toro and groundsmen around the world are dedicated to the care of sports fields. The same passion you see uniting teams and fans, is the passion that brings together turf professionals and Toro. We call that unmatched commitment “Passion United.”


Preparing the perfect stage for the game is a matter of timing and accuracy. The way grass reacts after a cut is crucial not only for its optimum appearance but also for its long-term health. That is why Toro puts a lot of effort in developing equipment that offers you more.

Toro matches its passion for the perfect look with a passion for excellent turf health. Toro irrigation solutions for sports fields provide highly efficient water delivery while reducing your labour time. You’ll also find plenty of efficiency in how Toro helps you manage irrigation with sensors and nozzle technology that keep turf healthy and vibrant using as little water as possible.

Equipment and Irrigation for Match pitches


While Toro works with world renown venues, such as Real Madrid & St Andrews Links, the company also brings world class results to organisations with more limited budgets and less resources. Toro’s value goes beyond equipment. It brings you a team with the experience and expertise to achieve the specific goals you have for your field and for your team.

Equipment and Irrigation for TRAINING & SPORTS FACILITIES

An Impressive Second Half

Toro Protection Plus

Getting superior quality for a reasonable price may lead you to pre-owned Toro material. A really good choice, not only because products last longer and offer superior performance and upgradability for many years, but also because Toro assists you even when you use second-hand gear or parts.

The Toro Protection Plus lets you buy out-of-warranty equipment with confidence. Indeed, it extends coverage and gives you peace of mind, knowing that unexpected breakdowns will not cost you money and trigger headaches.